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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mr J. Retallick - Headteacher
Miss A. Edwards - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S. Burns - Assistant Headteacher
Mr G. Smith - Assistant Headteacher
Mr R. Bradley - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J. Davies - Reception
Mrs S. George - Reception
Mrs S. Gunter - Finance Manager
Miss M. O'Brien - Pastoral Administrator
Mrs J. Phillips - Data and Sims Development Officer
Mrs C. Williams - Academic Administrator
Mrs S. Williams - Curriculum Manager

Educational Support
Mr A. Smith – Cover Supervisor
Mr A. Williams - Cover Supervisor
Mrs J. Williams - Learning Coach

Mrs S. Evans

Home Liasion Officer
Mr T. Davies

School Attendance Officer
Miss C. Copik

Site Supervisors
Mr D. Long - Senior Site Supervisor
Mr J. Worton - Site Supervisor

Technical Support
Mr D. Dunn – Design & Technology Technician
Mr I. Jones - IT Technician / IT Manager
Mrs L. Mole – Laboratory Technician

Key Stage 3
Head of Year 7 - Mrs D. Badham
Head of Year 8 - Miss K. Griffiths
Head of Year 9 - Mr N. Atkins

Key Stage 4
Head of Year 10 - Mr D. Bartlett
Head of Year 11 - Mr W. Williams

Mrs N. Haines – ALNCo
Mrs L. Gardner – ALN Support Officer
Mrs P. Ball – LSA
Mrs M. Hutchings – LSA
Mrs D. Preece – LSAMs N. Sidorowicz - LSAMrs A. Simpson - LSAMrs K. Wey - LSA

Faculty of Creative Arts (Art & Design, History, Music, Performing Arts, PE)
Head of Faculty - Miss N. Jones
Second in Faculty - Miss L. Jay
Faculty Teaching Staff
Mrs D. Badham
Mrs S. Burns
Miss K. Griffiths
Miss E. Flyng
Miss L. Jay
Miss N. Jones
Mr M. Richards
Mrs J. Thomas
Mr W. Williams
Faculty of Science & Technology (Design & Technology, ICT, RE, Science)
Head of Faculty - Mrs D. Hughes
Second in Faculty - Mr E. Jones
Head of Science - Mr D. Bartlett
Faculty Teaching Staff
Mr D. Bartlett
Mr R. Bradley
Miss T. Harris
Mrs D. Hughes
Mr E. Jones
Mr G. Smith
Miss R. Webb
Mr M. Wiltshire 
Faculty of Languages and Culture (Geography, MFL, Skills & Welsh)
Head of Faculty - Mrs B. Simmonds
Second in Faculty - Mr G. Wall
Faculty Teaching Staff
Mrs L. Henderson
Mr M. Owen
Miss S. Rookes
Miss S. Rees
Mrs B. Simmonds
Mr L. Tibbs
Mr G. Wall
Miss K. Young
English Department
Head of Department - Mrs V. Price
Second in Department - Mr N. Atkins
Literacy Coordinator - Mrs T. Pearce
Department Teaching Staff
Mr N. Atkins
Mrs D. Jones
Mrs T. Pearce
Mrs V. Price
Mr P. Yandle
Mathematics Department
Head of Department - Mrs A. Watkins-Hughes
Second in Department - Miss N. Davies
Numeracy Coordinator - Mrs N. French
Department Teaching Staff
Miss N. Davies
Mrs N. French
Mr J. Pope
Miss R. Powell
Mrs A. Watkins-Hughes


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