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Home to School Transport Rules 2015

Brynmawr Foundation School Transport – The Rules

Parental/Carers Responsibilities

Please find herewith rules and regulations for pupils’ behaviour to and from school whilst travelling on the bus

Students –

Be on time!
Wait safely for the bus to come to a complete stop before you go near
Do not push or rush to the door.
Only push door open in an emergency and do not play around with the buttons or emergency exits.
Find a seat without pushing and keep the gangways clear at all times
Always listen to the driver/escort. DO NOT distract the driver – unless there is an emergency.
DO NOT throw anything on or from the bus
DO NOT eat, drink or smoke on the bus and do not leave litter.
Sit down and keep in your seat for the whole journey. If you are unable to find a seat tell someone on bus duty or contact the school on 01495 310527.
Be safe and put your seatbelt on.
DO NOT stand before the vehicle stops.
Remember your bag and belongings. If you do forget them contact the school.
Be very careful crossing the road when you get off the bus,  and do not cross too close to the front or back of the bus.
Older pupils look out for those younger children on the bus and remember what you do influence them.
If you have any complaints tell the person on bus duty or contact the school on 01495 310527.
If you misbehave on the bus, action will be taken against you. Your parents, teachers and police will be informed.
If you are being bullied contact the school or the Bullying helpline 02920611300.
Parents/ Guardians –

Make sure older children leave home on time to catch their bus.
Teach children road safety rules and make sure they read this advice.  All pupils must wear a seatbelt.
Make sure your child knows what to do if the bus is late or doesn’t arrive.
Tell the driver/ escort if there is a particular difficulty with your child on any day.
Remind older children the quickest route is not always the safest. Talk to them about the safest journey home.
Notify the school if there are any changes in circumstances, change of address, lost passes etc.
Contact the school if you have any complaints or concerns.
Encourage responsibility for the above as breaking them could result in no future transport to school.
Brynmawr School will investigate any complaints immediately and take and necessary action as soon as possible.
CCTV has been established at the school this includes all areas around the bus bay, entries to buses and on the drive. By accepting the use of home to school transport services, the school will utilise any footage to monitor and record pupil behaviour in the event of an incident occurring.


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