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School Attendance Letter to be sent to all pupils

This letter will be forwarded to all pupils.

9th September 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Re: School Attendance


Here at Brynmawr School we strive for the highest standards of attendance and achievement.  .


At the start of the school year I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents about the importance of good attendance and punctuality. Excellent attendance results in excellent attainment. We have a duty and responsibility to encourage pupils into the habit of attending regularly in order to achieve their full potential. This includes monitoring attendance on a regular basis, giving praise for good attendance as well as intervening and supporting pupils that need it. Unfortunately during the last half-term there were a number of prosecutions for poor school attendance.


We are also using the Callio Strategy to improve attendance. As such, we would very much appreciate your co-operation by following the guidelines below.


Reporting absence

It is important that you contact the school before 9:30am on the morning of any absence. Failure to do so is likely to result in a home visit from the school attendance officer to ascertain the reason for the absence.



If the school become concerned about attendance due to a high number of absences (20 sessions, 10 days at any time during the school year) due to illness, future absences will not be authorised unless a medical letter is received by the school explaining the reason for each absence.


Medical/Dental Appointments

We encourage parents to make appointments out of school hours. Where it is not possible then the medical appointment card should be shown to the school prior to the appointment or on return from the appointment.  Without the evidence the absence will be coded as unauthorised.


Term Time Holidays

Parents should not take pupils on holidays in term time. Schools can only agree to absence for a family holiday if they believe there are special circumstances which warrant it. The school will then return the holiday form stating whether they authorise the holiday or not.  If not, the school will state the reason and also point out that if the family choose to go ahead and book the holiday then they will be considered for a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 (if paid within 28 days) or increasing to £120 (if paid within 29 and 42 days).


Unfortunately during the last half-term it was necessary to have five fixed penalties issued for holidays taken during term-time.





Unauthorised absence

If the school does not receive a justifiable reason for absence then this will be classed as “unauthorised absence” which could lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice and a fine of £60 (if paid within 28 days) or increasing to £120 (if paid within 29 and 42 days).


Authorised absence

Only the Head teacher can authorise any absence in line with the Welsh Government guidelines.  Any request for authorised absence must be made in writing to the Head teacher (prior to agreeing to any arrangements).


You can do a great deal to support the regular and punctual attendance of your child including:-


Ensuring that your child arrives at school on time each day;
Ensuring that your child only misses school for reasons which are unavoidable or justified, such as illness or days of religious observance; and
Talking to the school if you are concerned that your child may be reluctant to attend.




You will be aware we are operating the Callio system. This means that you will receive a letter every half term informing you of your child’s attendance within the Callio banding;


Green – Above 97%

Amber – Between 92% and 97%

Red – Below 92%  


This will be reviewed after two weeks and if your child was in the red category and their attendance has dropped further then there will be further intervention and it may become necessary for you to attend a meeting at the school. 


We appreciate your support in ensuring your child receives a continuous education which will enable them to reach their full potential. 


Yours sincerely,


Mr J. Retallick









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