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Attendance and Punctuality

/files/Yr 7 brochureexcellentattendance.doc - click this link to view our attendance brochure


Combating Absenteeism in our School

Brynmawr Foundation School has installed an automatic communication system that will contact parents directly if a pupil is marked absent at registration.  This will ensure that the reason for the absence is known as soon as possible and alert parents if their child is not in school when they should be.  Post-registration absences may also be detected and reported to you.

To allow parents/carers to familiarise themselves with this system, we have set up a special local rate telephone number 0845 225 0201 which parents may wish to call.
By introducing this service, our school is able to reassure parents that we will make every effort to contact them on the first day of their child’s absence.  It will also provide an early warning system should pupils go missing from school.  As always our pupils’ safety is our main concern.

Pupils who attend school punctually are more successful at school than pupils who do not

  • Legal requirement; each pupils attendance should be 94%
  • To achieve success in all areas of school life
  • Gives a good impression to employers
  • Maintain good social relationships

Should a pupil have a genuine illness parents are expected to contact the school by 10am for each day of their child’s absence.

The school does not authorise holidays taken during term time.  should you take you child on holiday during the school year a fine may be issued.

We look forward to working with parents to reduce absentees and improve punctuality at Brynmawr Foundation School.

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